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Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists

About this fertility clinic

At Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists they understand that entering infertility treatment can feel overwhelming. From the moment you step into their waiting room, whether in their downtown Phoenix or East Valley office, there’s an entire family waiting to guide you towards realizing your dream of becoming a parent.

Their coordinators, financial counselor, fertility specialists and expert staff will provide you the personalized care you deserve. ARMS offers IVF, fertility preservation, fertility testing, etc.

IVF success

For over 25 years our primary mission has been to provide the highest possible success in an extremely sensitive, personal and cost effective manner.

When it comes to success rates, we feel it is our responsibility to provide you honest, accurate and meaningful information so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed on your journey to have a baby. The challenge is that every person has a unique set of characteristics that make comparisons difficult.

The secret to making an informed decision is to make sure you are comparing yourself to people with similar characteristics.

CDC success rates

Fertility clinics based in the United States report cycles started with the use of assisted reproductive technology to the the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) annually. Since fertility naturally declines with age, success rates are broke out by a woman’s age. Viewing a clinic’s success rate is one measurement to consider when evaluating them as a whole.

Fertility doctors at this clinic

Drew V. Moffitt, MD, FACOG

Linda R. Nelson, MD, PhD, FACOG

Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists

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