ARC Pharmacy Plan for Fertility Medications

The ARC® Pharmacy Plan

The ARC® Pharmacy Plan provides easy access to your fertility medications. We offer the convenience of including the cost of your medications along with your discounted ARC Treatment package – whether you decide to finance or not. Should you decide to finance you will be able to consolidate payment into just one monthly fee.

If you pay for your medications by check or money order, ARC will provide a discount of 5%.

ARC works with the nation’s top mail-order speciality pharmacies; Freedom Fertility Pharmacy and MDR Pharmaceutical Care – both partners provide high-quality patient services, including:

  • Free reliable express home delivery service
  • Pharmacists specialized in fertility therapies
  • Compassionate and highly knowledgeable staff

ARC recently expanded its partnership with Freedom Fertility and is offering significant discounts on Gonal-f®, Cetrotide® and Ovidrel®. This discount is available to all ARC patients, whether they decide to finance or not. If paying by check or money order an additional 5% discount is available.

How The ARC® Pharmacy Plan works

Apply to The ARC® Pharmacy Plan in two, easy steps:

  1. Tell your doctor you are participating in The ARC® Pharmacy Plan and request that he or she fax all prescriptions to ARC, toll-free at 877-655-2727.
  2. An ARC representative contacts you soon after to discuss the cost of your infertility medicines.

Once you have chosen your payment option (and have been approved for financing, if applicable) and have signed ARC documents, we will forward your prescription to the pharmaceutical company. The pharmacy mails your fertility medications to you in a secure and confidential package overnight.

How long does the financing process take?

Although the financing process is quick and easy, it is always advisable to give yourself a week to take care of your pharmaceutical needs.  We will need your prescription in order to provide you with the cost of your medications and assist you in completing a loan application.

What if I need a refill? 

You can purchase any refills directly from the pharmacy, or you can contact ARC. We will be happy to walk you through your options for refilling your prescription.

Can I return any unused medicines?

Federal law prevents pharmacies from reselling medicines, so you would not be able to return any unused medications.

Talk to a Patient Services Specialist today about the ARC Pharmacy Plan at: 888-990-2727.

“…communication with the clinics, ordering of medicines – everything from the simple application process was all taken care of so that all we had to worry about was being there and going through the IVF process.” – Campbell Ruddock