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Affordable Payment Options

The ARC Affordable Payment Plan™ Helps with Fertility Financing and the Cost of IVF or IUI

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Your fertility physician, as a member of Advanced Reproductive Care, is able to offer a fertility financing program for the professional services and pharmaceutical fertility drugs that you need to get pregnant. Our established and reputable lending partners know the unique needs of couples facing infertility.

This program helps make infertility treatment affordable; it provides an extended payment program for dividing the cost of treatment into manageable monthly payments and and The ARC Refund Guarantee™.

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Please call us at our toll free number 1-888-990-2727 to obtain your pricing information for your treatment plan.

Fertility financing for professional services, fertility drugs and the refund guarantee: Financial burdens related to the cost of IVF treatments frequently discourage patients from pursuing appropriate infertility care. The fertility financing program offered by Advanced Reproductive Care is an additional resource for your consideration in overcoming any financing limitation you might be facing while undergoing fertility treatments and facing the cost of ivf or iui. You may finance any of the following:

  • Medical services you receive from your ARC physician.
  • Pharmaceutical care can represent from 20-30% of the total expense of fertility care. (The choice of product and provider for pharmaceutical service is strictly up to you and your doctor.) The ability to finance the cost of your fertility medication is available through The ARC Pharmacy Plan.
  • The ARC Refund Guarantee™ — a money-back guarantee — which will return to you money you have spent for professional treatment should you not have a baby at the end of your fertility care.